Buddhist Sites  

Buddhist Sites

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities along the river banks and serene surroundings, lives remnants of Odisha’s glorious tryst with Buddhism. The contribution of Buddhism in shaping the cultural heritage of Odisha & the latter’s contribution in spreading the religion to Asian countries is a perfect example of symbiotic relationship.


During the 8th Century -10th Century AD under Bhaumakara dynasty rule, Buddhism was considered a state religion of Odisha.In fact it’s believed that the first disciples of Lord Buddha were Tapasu and Bhallika who hailed from the modern day city of Jajpur. Though Buddhism entered Odisha long b ...

During the 8th Century -10th Century AD under Bhaumakara dynasty rule, Buddhism was considered a state religion of Odisha.In fact it’s believed that the first disciples of Lord Buddha were Tapasu and Bhallika who hailed from the modern day city of Jajpur. Though Buddhism entered Odisha long before the Kalinga War it took wings in the region after the under the patronage of Emperor Ashoka. Odisha’s most famous poet Jayadeva went on to describe Lord Buddha as one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the 12th century AD. The writings of fabled Chinese Traveler Hiuen T’sang just reinforces the glorious chapter of Buddhism in Odisha. The influence of Buddhism can be found in the socio cultural life of the people of Odisha and rich depository of history is reflected in the Buddhist monuments of the state.

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Get amazed by the treasure trove of the unexplored and untouched Buddhist Sites of Odisha. Here's our pick of the TOP 5 Buddhist Sites destinations in Odisha. Scoll the list below and unearth the Odisha's best rightly called India's Best Kept Secret Gems!

Getting There

Odisha is well connected with major cities of India and South East Asia. By virtue of its demography it comes under the East Coast Railway division & with Bhubaneswar being a full-fledged International Airport, It has direct flights to major cities of India and International capital like Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Odisha with its beautiful landscape and well paved roads provides a delightful experience to bikers and car enthusiasts & the state road transport has a robust bus service to tourist destinations of the State from major cities of Odisha. Click here  to view air/train schedules.

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So why is Odisha touted as Incredible India's Best Kept Secret. What is it about the places, people , landscape, art , culture and history that entices? What makes Odisha the land of cathartic Spiritual experiences, intricate art and immortal architecture regaling many timeless tales, flair for dance and drama, pristine beaches, delectable cuisines stunning landscapes and formidable yet elegant wildlife. Don't take our word for it ; read the through the journeys and experiences of the many travel enthusiasts who have traversed and fallen in love with the land of Odisha!

PHUNTSOKLING A trip to the Land of Happiness and Plenty

The Tibetans call it Phunt-sokling, which literally trans-lates to -“Land of Happiness and Plenty” and a road trip to this land truly brought nothing but happiness to me. Jirang, referred to as the Mini Tibet or Little Ti-bet of Odisha houses the largest Buddhist monastery in eastern India. Inaugurated by The Dalai Lama in 2010, it is known as the Padmasambhava Mahavihara monastery.
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Mamta Sahoo


The golden triangle of Odisha is widely known for its majestic Kalinga temples. The temples of Odisha are amongst the finest specimens of religious art and architecture in India. However,very few know that Odisha is blessed with yet another heritage triangle, the diamond triangle, an incredible Buddhist cluster from the time of the Mauryas in the 3rd century BCE. The Buddhist civilisation of ...
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Odisha Tourism woos tourists from neighboring states for its flagship events

Odisha Tourism is trying to woo tourists from neighboring states as a part of the initiative. Dept of Tourism, Govt of Odisha conducted a road show for prospective tourist in Chhattisgarh. There has been similar initiatives in different cities around the country. The prime focus is o attract tourists from neighboring states.
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Odisha Tourism

Trails Covering Buddhist Sites

Like what you see? Looking to have a well rounded experience in Odisha? Scroll to see a list of the choicest of curated pre-packaged tours covering the most coveted destinations in Odisha .Browse the list and see details of the trail/package which interests you most. Contact the Dept. Of Tourism recogonized Tour Operator who has published the tour and finalize your trip to Odisha today!

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