Son, sand and sea: Creating a lasting memory

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Beyond Bhubaneswar’s bustle lies Gopalpur, a quaint town in Ganjam renowned for its pristine coastline. While Puri is famous for its lively beaches, Gopalpur offers a contrasting experience by providing visitors all the pleasures of a private beach. A three-hour drive from the state capital, this place with its charming small-town vibes is an idyllic getaway for people looking to escape the chaotic city life.

In January, my wife and I decided to go on a trip to Gopalpur with our five-month-old son. While she had been cooped up taking care of the baby, added responsibilities at home after office hours had started weighing down on me. Paying no heed to our anxious family members who were against travelling with a newborn, we eventually hit the road. To our surprise, the experience turned out to be refreshingly fun. As we cruised on the smooth and picturesque National Highway-16, we realised that roads can be just as exciting as the destinations.

We made a halt at Tampara, a beautiful freshwater lake near Chhatrapur. Since it was late in the afternoon, we resisted the temptation of taking a boat ride. But the pleasant weather beckoned us to unwind and breathe in some lakeside tranquillity of the location. We even treated our taste buds to some delectable seafood.  

The sun was about to go down when we arrived at Pramod Land’s End, a resort where both nature and luxury coexist. As its name suggests, the hotel sits on the coastal fringe where Gopalpur meets the Bay of Bengal.  We hurriedly checked in and took a stroll along the walkway which led us directly to a private beach.  As we stepped onto the vast expanse of sand and sea, uninterrupted solitude and serenity greeted us.

Back in the sprawling resort, unashamed luxury awaited us. Spacious rooms with access to private pool, elegant decor, wide range of culinary delights and most importantly the staff who went out of the way to make our baby comfortable, we were really pampered and cared for like royalty. With our hearts full we retreated to our bed, where the soothing melody of waves gently washing ashore lulled us to sleep.

Having enjoyed a mighty breakfast spread arranged by the resort the next morning, we went around marvelling at the beauty of the location – all the while posing with our son for pictures which the hotel staff happily obliged to click for us. Soaking in the morning sun while making memories made us realise how much we needed this break. Feeling rejuvenated, we embarked on our return journey ready to conquer life as a family of three. 

06 May 2024
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By Anup Nayak


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