The soul food of Odisha

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Pakhala is prepared by cooling cooked rice and then adding it to a bowl of water. It is usually served with baadi chura, roasted vegetable like potato fry, brinjal fry or some fried non-vegetarian items such as fish. It is these side dishes which make it an elaborate affair over which families bond and thrive.

The best side dishes with PAKHALA :

BADI CHURA is the most favorite side dish to enjoy with Pakhala.  Badi Chura is made by grinding badi with green chili, onion, and garlic.

Fish Fry, frying fresh water river fish in mustard oil with some salt turmeric and Chili powder. Crispy fish fry is a must for PAKHALA.

ALOO BHARTA, that's everyone's fav odia side dish, basically it's just boiled potatoes with the tadka of five spices and dry red Chilly.

SAGA BHAJA, any leafy greens stir fry with minimal spices and super healthy stuff to have with the pakhala kansa.

BAINGAN TOMATO PODA, which is nothing but the chared eggplant and tomato salsa with chopped coriander onions and green chillies.

PICKLE, that's optional but I like to have pickle with my pakhala platter.

SHALLOTS LEMON CHILLY with some salt for that Extra crunch and hotness so that later on you can enjoy the torani (which is the rice water with bit of curd and ginger).

Pakhala serves as a great dish in the sweltering summer heat. It cools down the system and helps feel better during the hot summer months.

19 Mar 2024
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By Pritisha Das


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