A Challenging Hike Through The Sipsey Wilderness RAJAGADA WATERFALL, G.Udayagiri, Kandhamal, Odisha

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 A Challenging Hike Through The Sipsey Wilderness For those of you who are into backpacking or want a longer, full-day hike, then a hike to Rajagada Falls is just what you need.

The hike is an 6.2-mile out-and-back that winds through impressive boulder-strewn landscapes, past tall and moody green moss-covered bluffs, and culminates with a visit to Rajagada Falls, a gorgeous 200-foot_ approximate -tall plunge.

This is one hike where you should bring your GPS but also have some knowledge of orienteering (using a map and compass) and bring the basics with you. While there are many social trails that branch off and could get you off track.

To view the cascade from a bluff. For the more adventurous, a careful pick-your-own-way down to the base of the falls. The hike takes you reach the Kalinga ghat instead of turning around, you have to cross the water stream to pick up the Sipsey Trail. Once again, if the stream is high, consider doing this hike another day.

Camping is allowed anywhere in the wilderness area as long as you follow the National Forest Service’s dispersed camping rules, which can be found on their website.

18 Jan 2021
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By Expedition with Nature Boy


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