Explore Keonjhar the Underrated Place in Odisha

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Odisha is one exquisite Indian state, not yet fully explored. Besides, some famous temples and beautiful beaches, people don't know anything about the countless other retreats that are well obscured from the eyes of the travellers. One of Odisha's well-kept secrets is Kendujhar or Keonjhar, a lovely town filled with natural beauty is a land-locked district in northern Odisha. The destination is home to mighty hills, old temples and cascading waterfalls and makes Indian destination beautifully offbeat. Let's discover this tiny region and its beauties.

1. Ghatagaon

50km from the main town is the place which is best known for the shrine of Goddess Tarini Pitha. Devotees from all over Odisha and even from outside the state offers thousands of coconuts everyday to the Temple of Maa Tarini. It's believed that offering the Goddess a coconut brings wishes true. The temple structure is unlike any  architecture typical of Kalinga design. Alternatively, there are no walls except for the prefect top enclosure, just pillars to support the roof. This gives devotees a 360 degrees of view of goddess Tarini.

2. Sanghagra & Badaghagra:

Two Pretty small beautiful waterfalls 6 km & 10km away respectively from the town of Keonjhar, best suited for outing and picnic spot. The height of Sanghagra is about 100ft while the badaghagra is about 200ft respectively.

3. Gonasika

Surrounded by lustrous green valleys and wooded hills of various hues, the site is particularly known as a pilgrimage center for the Brahmeswar Mahadev temple on the side of the Baitarani river. It is in reality the location from which the river begins to flow. A little away from the point of origin, the river goes underground (and therefore called guptaganga) only to be seen jumping over a projection of stone looking like a cow's nostril after a short distance. The place's scenic beauty is absolutely enchanting. About 33 kms away from Keonjhar, out of which you can avail the bus service till 24 km and the rest 9km you have to be on foot or hire a vehicle.

4. Khandadhar

Another sparkling 500 ft cascading water shower surrounded by lush green trees. The waterfall makes a  "smoke like" appearance due to the spray of the waterfall's plunging waters. Located around 60 kms away from the town of Keonjhar.

5. Murga Mahadev

Standing tall at the foot of Thakurani Hills, in Keonjhar District Champua Sub-Division is famous for the Murga Mahadev temple. The temple's charming surroundings and the sight of perennial Thakurani hill spring will make you fall in love with this place. Since it is located on the top most north-eastern side of Odisha, you will find many mines which serves india the need of iron and other valuable earth minerals. Since this place is approx 70km from the town of keonjhar, therefore you have to stay in joda which is a hub industrial mining belt of Odisha.

6. Handibhanga Waterfall

One can not neglect its natural scenic surroundings! The sight of lush green forest, mighty hills and the 200ft cascading waterfall along with the sound of gushing water add to the overall beauty of the place. Weekenders and holidaymakers alike are driven to the spot.

26 Jun 2020
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By Subhadeep Hazra


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