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Odisha is well known as the Land of temples. All the temples give you a glimpse of the fine architecture, history, and listen to fascinating tales from mythology.
Being a localite of Bhadrak, i grew up listening to The Stories, The Myth, The Heritage, The Beliefs of Lord Akhandalamani and the place called Aradi Pitha. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Great god Lord Shiva is the presiding deity inside this temple.

This place is around 39 KM from Jajpur town, 37 km from Bhadrak town And around 130 km from Bhubaneswar.

Akhandalamani Temple is one of the most famous religious sites in Bhadrak district. The Temple has a custom of applying milk, curd, banana, coconut, honey, gud, ghee directly on the Shiva Linga. And the mixture is called Gharsana. The main Prasad of Baba Akhandalamani.

The history of this temple goes back to around 370 hundred years back during the rule of Raja Sri Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra constructed A Small Temple by the name of Baba Akhandalamani. According to the legends, One fine morning Raja sent a farmer to cultivate his Paddy field which was located the bank of the river Baitarani. While cultivating, the blade of his plough was broken by hitting some large material. When the man find out what it was, He saw a black glazed granite stone with full of blood which is flowing towards River Baitarani. Suddenly the man ran away and called the king. The king came to the place and found flood of milk in the spot and big black cobra holding the stone. On that night the king had a dream about Lord Akhandalamani. The next morning King started worshipping Baba Akhandalamani, and built a small wodden temple on the spot, from that day A large no of devotees started visiting and worshiping the Great God Baba Akhandalamani.

The place is known as ARADI Pitha.

It is believed that the name came from the stone incident. While the farmer pushing his plough towards the black glaze stone again and again, there was a sound Aaaaaaaaaaa coming from that stone.. Because of that stone roaring Radi like Aaaaaa. From that day this place is called

Aaaaa and Radi as Roar is ARADI.

Then the King of Rajkanika Shri Harihara Bhanja Deo was suffering from a severe eye disease. All the treatments are failed, one day his wife Rani Satyabhama patta mahadei decided to came Aradi and keep dharana known as Spiritual concentration. Then Baba Akhandalamani appeared in King's dream and told him the remedy. At last King Harihar Bhanjdeo cured from that disease. As per The Queen's manasika known as offering promised The King built a Main pucca is solid Temple for Lord Akhandalamani... He dug a large pond near the Temple named Shiv Ganga. The pond is connected to the River Baitarani.
There are many belief systems, folklores about this Temple. With a minimum and limited knowledge about The invisible Shiva and his mystery, some people here realized the presence of Baba, and this thing pulled devotees closer to Lord Akhandalamani. People here strongly believe Baba Akhandalamani as The living god. A place worth visiting.

Major Festivals - Mahashivratri, Shamba dasami, Bol-Bom, Panna Sankranti, Chandran Yatra (chandana chapa), Kartika Purnima, dipabali Amabasya, shiva vivah.
Other Temples at Aradi- Sri Jagannath Temple,Maa Tarini Temple,Maa Batamangala,Mausi Maa Temple.


Subha Sandhya Nayak

Lecturer, proud odia, Enthusiasts about Odisha Culture and Heritage.

16 May 2021
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By Subha Sandhya Nayak


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